My feeling

Asking for your own well-being is about taking care of yourself and caring. If you are not used to thinking about your mood or your mood, you can learn something new. Sometimes it is necessary to stop to think about how to move towards a better feeling. If all goes well, you too can take note: seeing gratitude and joy and the reasons behind it is also important.

Some aspects of well-being are naturally maintained and others are completely neglected. Man likes to stay in his comfort zone. Often, when decisions are made, goals are set too high and you want to change everything right away. It would be more important to take small and realistic steps.

Mental Health Characteristics
Good mental health consists of many factors. It could actually be compared to the qualities of a decathlete. Decathletes must have strength, strength, speed, endurance, and guts, though the relationship between them may vary. Also, good mental health is the sum of many factors, and some may be stronger than others.

Mental health does not only depend on the individual himself, but social conditions are of great importance. Under favorable conditions, mental health resources increase, but under unfavorable conditions, they may be consumed beyond their natural capacity for regeneration. Equity in society, empowerment and respect for human rights support mental health.

To support mental health, it is good to be able to read weak signals, as future researchers say. For example, economic or social inequalities have a major impact on mental health and coping. Mental health is burdened by poverty and economic concerns. Indeed, in times of uncertainty, more support and assistance is needed.

Mental health and physical health go hand in hand and interact. Mental health is essential to both human well-being and ability to function. Mental health provides the foundation to enjoy life, make life meaningful, and feel valued in the community. Mental health is mental capital.

Good mental health is supported by:

Ability in relationships, caring and love
Ability and desire to interact and express emotions
Ability to work, participate socially and properly control one’s self-interest
In the face of difficulties, ways to overcome them
Adequate management of anxiety, coping with loss and being prepared for life changes
A sense of reality to distinguish between your own thought and external reality, even in difficult life situations and stress
Social independence, identity and individual creativity
Experiencing the meaning of life